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DF65 Racing Results 27-Mar'24

6 skippers arrived on a wet and windy morning and were joined by J Allen for a couple of heats and A Dore from heat 6 onwards. Chris set a course of B/R, P, Q, 0, 8, P, Q, 0, B/R which held for all 9 heats.

The wind eased off towards 11:00 and most skippers changed form A to A+ rigs. 06, 277 and 142 stuck out hoping for the forecast increase, which didn't happen, and after another couple of heats 06 also changed to A+. the remaining A riggers were allowed to miss out buoy "0" on both laps to compensate.

The racing was fast (except in some of the lulls) and exciting with top honours going to :

1st - C Wilson (11)

2nd - J Richardson (12)

3rd - I White (19)

Congratulations to all who competed and created an enjoyable morning's sail.

Best wishes,


Racing Results 27-Mar'24
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