IOM roundup and results 12.11.21

Before I give the roundup and results please note a change to the sailing instructions which will be applied retrospectively from the start of the current series.

Current version.

Discards: The default option in Appendix A, is that only one worst score will be excluded from a boat's scored Race Event or the Series. This will apply but not before the 6th race has been completed. This changes RRS A2.1V Amended version. Discards: One worst score will be excluded after 4 races have been completed, a second worst score will be excluded after 8 races have been completed. This applies to both Scored Race Events and to the Series of Scored Race Events. **** So to today's racing.

It was very windy and raining when we arrived at the lake this morning with strong gusts from the South or Southwest. The forecast proved correct and the rain stopped before racing started and it remained dry with sunny intervals throughout the race day. The wind had eased by the time racing started and everyone was on A rigs. It did increase again especially after coffee break with some strong gusts and as a result caused some incidents pre-start so the start line was moved and extended for the last 3 races. Unfortunately my boat had a flat battery and I didn't bring my spare with me. I had somehow managed to leave the boat switched on overnight. No one had a spare with suitable connections so I undertook Race Officer and observer duties for the 9 competitors who sailed today. Course set was a start between 1 & 2, (later moved to 0 and 3) with a beat to 7 followed by a wing mark and a run or reach through the gate of 5 & 8 to a gate mark and a choice between rounding 1 to starboard or 2 to port, back to 7 and the wing mark then up to the gate of 1 & 2 with a finish between 5 & 8. There was some very close racing and a number of contacts with suitable penalties taken. All in all an exciting days sailing with 8 races completed. Top spot on the podium today was Rob with JB and Colin 2nd and 3rd.

Results for Frostbite 12.11 IOM
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Leaderboard for Frostbite Series Nov_Dec 2021
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