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DF65 - Wednesday 31st March

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hallo Team, Please find the attached results, for your appropriate perusal, and hopefully none of the results were wrongly recorded or omitted completely! A calm, unhurried morning on both course and bank, the light breeze that did arrive, filled it after 1030 or so to allow a total of seven recorded heats. The "committee" start line to mark 8 and back made for straightforward navigation, enabling a closer watch on seaonal organic flotsam, largely attracted to fin keels. Well done to all who made the round trip. This ripple of recognition going to................. 1st Place helm: JB with 002; 2nd - JR and 43; 3rd - CS and 162.

Julyan Richardson

DF65 March 31st One-Off Race
Download DOCX • 52KB

JA caught out by Stuart Harper, as he tried to shepherd the DFs towards the start line. Fellow bomb disposal divers aren't meant to do this to each other, though perhaps time has just taken its toll. I'll get my own back!

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