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Sail Numbers

Most sailors have the last two digits of their boat’s registration number displayed on their sails.  If you wish, it is possible to purchase a specific number, a Personal Sail Number, from the MYA, so that the same number can be displayed on all your boats.  However, if you only intend to race at Lakeside, it is possible to informally choose your own number, taking care not to clash with any number already in use in the Club. You can do this by checking the table below. It is also best to check with the Sail Commodore, before marking your sails or buying expensive sail numbers.

Implementing the Changes to Sail Identification - IRSA update 2020 - click here

Dragon Force 65 & Dragon Flite 95 Registration

Registration of DF65 & DF95 is done through the National Class Association website ( The sail number may be the last two or three digits of the registration number, or if the member has a MYA personal Sail Number, this may be used. When a boat is sold, the number should go with it, as with other classes of model yacht.

The Class Rules were updated in October 2017 to allow the use of A+ rigs, in addition to the existing A, B and C rigs.  The A+ rig will be adopted in this club from March 2019.

Active Club Yachts & Numbers

EDMBC DF65&DF95 Mar'24.jpg
EDMBC IOM Mar'24.jpg
EDMBC Marblehead Mar'24.jpg
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