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The wind that was forecast appeared to be on hold, perhaps for another occasion. As lulls developed, so courses were duly modified. An optimistic course B included mark #5 with a further beat up to #7, which was replaced by OW, and later substituted for #4, with a leg across to OW, and the finish shortened to 4/8. Hence, start OB/1-7-OW-OB-0-5-7-OW-OB-0-Fin 5/OR, gradually boiled down to OB/1-4-OW-OB-0-4-8-OB-0-Fin 4/8.

A spread of race winners across the sharp end of the fleet reflects some close racing, with MC's #169 who held onto three seconds, places that is, clinching the day's win. A great start to the series, even if a few of us either grounded, picked up fin-flotsam, or hooked an anchor rope, soon to be released by two passing yachts, thus sparing the lifeboat coxswain a trip out.

This virtual one-cat's paw-clapping may go to....................

1st Place - #169 MC, 2nd - #03 RH, 3rd - #85 TR.

IOM_July 1st_Race 01
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Many thanks to Julyan for providing the score sheet and description of today's racing.

For the final race of the May-June series there was a steady breeze backing to the South, which was at the top of the "A" rig conditions. Many "catch-ups" occured particularly when boats ahead went into irons. Overall really good sailing on a course 0/1,5,OW,OR,1,5,OW,OR,1,4/8.

Well done to the day's podium: J Richardson(43), I White(28) and M Clayton(03), to the series podium: J Richardson(43), J Bennett(002), C Wilson(06) and to all who competed.

If you couldn't join us for this series I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,

Bruce (with help from Julyan)

DF65 Results 29-Jun-22
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Some fine rain showers soon blew through,

with a warm SSW'ish breeze across the whole of the lake

enabling the five competitors to complete eight races,

six of which were sailed around course 'C':

(a modified 'A' course start with added 'AOB' and #5)

Zero/ OB Start, AOB(Arrow's mark) St'b'd, 5 - 6 - 7 - OB -

- Zero -AOB - 5 - 6 - 7 - OB - Zero - inish 5/AOB.

Racing was close, JB 's #80 establishing a lead early on. With the consistent 'A' or top rig conditions, and fractional direction changes in the wind kept everyone on point, almost.

Today's three 1st Place - JB #80, 2nd - SB #73, 3rd - JR #16.

IOM_June 24th_Race 8_Final
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The May - June series complete. The Leaderboard Final Podium honours go to...................

1st John Bennett #80, 2nd Chris Wilson #06, 3rd Maurice Clayton #169

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