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Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 – 2024


The Racing Rules of sailing are divided into Parts and Appendixes. 


Appendix E are the rules governing Radio Sailing and changes definitions, terminology and the rules of Parts 1,2, and 7.


There is very little change to the previous 2017-2020 version. The most relevant is E4.3 a clarification of Rule 44.1 (b) which members are encouraged to read.

WS Racing Rules 2021 -2024

2021 racing rules of sailing - changes affecting radio sailors

A presentation by Greg Eaton, a national Judge, International Umpire and accomplished IOM skipper, on how the changes to the 2021 Racing rules of sailing principally affect radio sailors  Click here to view.

The Call Book for Radio Sailing 2021-2024

This edition updates the calls to ensure compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021 – 2024; it also introduces new calls and fine tunes the existing text.  It is important to note that this Call Book is only authoritative for Radio Sailing sailed under the Racing Rules of Sailing including Appendix E.  It gives an explanation of how the rules are to be applied and helps by giving examples and diagrams.


Click here to view.

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