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IOM 17th March Race 03

Seven competitors turned out to sail nine races, with seven to count two concessionary discard scores per boat. Showers moved away eastward and a steady breeze filled in from the SSW veering SW more or less. With a startline 'WZ'/2, the fleet beat upwind, tucking in 'boards' or 'tacks' clear up to #7 buoy. Sheets were eased and boats bore off to round 'OB', downwind to 'WZ' with a fetch or reach across to #2, hence:- Start WZ/2(7-OB-WZ-2) x 2 Fin5/8 => Course 'C'. After the break, Brian launched out a new home-build: an hard-chine metre in ply' - and very nice too. Generally, waders and long-pole were both employed for an occasional grounding and singular de-rig situation. At last, sunshine warmed backs as sails dried before being stowed until the next time. ('WZ' = White/Zero, 'OB' = Orange/ Black).

Today's three at the top were.................1st Place - #80 JB, 2nd - #16 JR, 3rd - #06 CW.

IOM_March 17th_Race 03
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