IOM race roundup and results 22.10

One again the forecast westerly wind was actually from the south. In general it was pretty consistent although as always variable due to the eddies caused by the trees and the depression the lake sits in. It was good to see Brian Quinn back with his Alternative sporting a new coat of orange paint. Unfortunately he had some rig problems but we hope you will be a regular again. This was the penultimate race of the series. With 13 boats on the water (It's nice to see a good turnout but any more than this and we will need to start reducing the fleet by using observers), it sometimes got a bit congested at the marks although the long start line between 0 and 3 generally avoided problems here. There was a beat to the first mark (7) then a run /reach to the second mark (1) back to 7, 1 again to a finish between 5 & 8. This last beat to the finish generally saw the largest change in positions, it was easy to drop 3 or 4 places or gain a similar number. There were 6 different race winners today, (interesting perhaps that those boats were 1 Alternative JB 1 win), 1 Britpop 2 wins for CS, and 2 MX14's one win each for Michael & Rob. Two home designed, home built boats Chris and Tom were also winners. (I must admit I'm not a fan of the proposed change to the rules to allow 3D printed boats but I guess we'll see what happens at the AGM). The ever consistent JB tops the podium again with Colin in 2nd place and Maurice 3rd. Well done guys. The leaderboard shows JB well in front with an unassailable lead, Simon 2nd, and Maurice 3rd. But with only 3 points separating 3rd and 6th positions the final podium position is still undecided before the final event of the series next week. Results below.

IOM results for 22nd Oct.
Download PDF • 167KB

IOM Leaderboard for Autumn Series
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Regards Michael.

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