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DF65 Racing 12th April Race 7

For the seventh race event in the series, twelve DF65 sailors were greeted by clear sunshine and a moderate breeze this morning. One to two 'B' rigs, one 'A+' rig, and the rest of the fleet sported 'A' (for ordinary) rigs. Chris' course #'A' held good, even better after an adjustment to windward for the top wing mark (OB). Start: Y/4 - (7 - OB - OR - WZ) x 2 Fin': 4/Y.

Maximum hull speeds and beyond, (i.e. broaching etc) were achieved by most, if not all boats on more than one occasion. There was one retirement in the last race as #89 towed an extensive twig ashore half way round the course. #43's excursions were curtailed by a seized rudder servo. Meanwhile the 'bosun's launch' remained stowed, ashore throughout the entire race session. An apology is due to #28's skipper for my prematurely announcing a 3rd place after mis-scoring a boat in the the sixth race.

A virtual 'poppling' of wave tops to.............1st Place - #25 RD, 2nd - #06 CW, 3rd - #002 JB.

DF65 Racing Results 12-April-23
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