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Df65 12th January_22

Racing got under way after a briefing from club sail committee rep., CW more or less outlining the said committee's proposal (w.i.p. - ed ! ) of the re-introduction of race marshalling duty.

Three different courses were tried, two at a time: a) 1 x triangle + 1 x oblong b) 2 x oblong c) 2 x triangle. The latter came out on top, the whole course having been moved Southward in search of breeze.

Hats off to and for the Sunshine, and for what may be a record club, class turn-out of morning.

Top three of the day: 1st Place - JR's #43, 2nd - RD sailing #94, 3rd - CS at the helm of #162.

DF65 12th January_Race 02
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