Df65 19th January_22

After a couple of sails - once round a pair of windward leeward race marks - it became clear

that the projected seven, what to speak of nine races would not be entertained by prevailing

conditions. Thus acting officials received average points in order for all five, hard-earned races to count. We look forward to the next sailing event on the 2022 calender!

Df65 19th January_Race 03
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A light and variable wind restricted racing to 7 heats, and Chris set with a course of Y/W,4,8,Y,W,4,8,Y,W,0/3, with one of the large yellow buoys, which was in the middle of the lake (affectionately

A chilly morning with a NE breeze was warmed by 15 sailors and some spirited racing. 9 heats were run starting 6/Y then 4,5,7,O-B,O-Y,4,5,7,O-B finish 4/O-Y. Today's podium was C Salter(362), J Bennet

The sun shone for most of the time and the wind was a pleasant NE breeze which was enough to enable 9 races. The course was basically two triangles start: 7/O-B, Y, 5, 7, O-R, Y, 5, 7, O-R, finish 5/8