DF65_30th June, Race 9 and series final!

Updated: Jul 1

DF65_30th June_Race 9
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A good turnout attended the series heats-event-final. Presiding RO: CW selected the triangular 2 x (4 - 6 - OQ*) course, (*Orange-quartered), with start/finish lines 5-OQ/4/Red.

A list was drawn up for monitors, whose turns appear as "DNC" on the heats results.

Tacking may have been slides and ladders up to mark 4, the which at least one skipper found a relief to leave behind.

During one heat, a flock of geese flew in with a cool display of accuracy to land among the boats, which were waiting for more breeze downwind to take them in the opposite direction.

Top of the morning to 1st Place - CW sailing 6, in 2nd Place - CS on 162, and in 3rd Place- RB with #33.

An overall great series and attendance.

Consistency being its own reward as a matter of course, this mention in club

dispatches highlights the series podium place holders:

1st - John Bennett, 2nd - Colin Salter, and 3rd - Julyan Richardson.

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