DF65_Club Race #8_May - June series.

The light breeze strengthened and veered slightly imo, the which served to enhance the "windward mark experience", what to speak of the final 20 - 40+ yard dash. Assorted firsts to three players. Consistency assures victory. One more race to go in the current series; all being well, see you there?

DF65_23rd June_Race 8
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As for today's rosy glows...............: 1st Place - JB, 002; 2nd place - CS with 162; and 3rd - JR on 43.

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Ten boats in strong squalls, all with A+ rigs over ten races; two course changes; and well done to this week's Podium placements:- 1st Place - JB's #002 , 2nd - JR with #43, 3rd Place - CW helming #6.