Results Racing - Sunday 4th April

Seven RM sailors today, very light wind at the start rising gradually through the morning and quite nice when we stopped ! The course was 5-o, 1,4,7,1,4,7,4-w which gave a variety of beat, reach and run options, usually between each buoy !! Various mods, new sails and even a new hull were being sported and sailors eager to try them out. Racing was nip and tuck at times, and spread out at other times when the wind died in parts of the lake. We managed 3 races before a well-earned coffee break and a further 3 races afterwards, and with 6 races in the bag we get 1 discard and the following result: -

1st Mark Robinson 5, 2nd John Bennett 11, 3rd Chris Wilson 13, 4th Julyan Richardson 18, 5th Michael Thomas 24, 6th John Arrow 30, 7th Maurice Clayton 30. Well done Mark !! Really good to be back on the lake with these lovely yachts. John Bennett


Marblehead Sundays Shield November 2020 - February 2021 Series

Unfortunately Covid restrictions lost all our RM sailing in Jan and Feb for this series, giving us only 3 race days and the series result is based on best 2 results giving the following result:-

1st Mark Robinson 13, 2nd Chris Wilson 11, 3rd John Bennett 11, 4th Michael Thomas 8, 5th Julyan Richardson 6, 6th Maurice Clayton 4, 7th John Arrow 1.

Well done to Mark Robinson for winning the series. John Bennett

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