Scoring for IOM series starting 3.9.21

Dear fellow IOM sailors.

For the next IOM series, starting on the 3rd September, racing will be scored as provided in Appendix A. RRS using the low point system with changes as shown below.


All competitors who competed in the last series will be added to the score sheet for the next.

Points will be awarded as follows, 1 point for 1st place, 2 points 2nd place and so on.

Boats which DNS, DNF, DSQ, OCS etc. will be awarded points equaling the number of boats which raced that day + 1.

Boats that did not come to the lake that day will be marked (DNC) and will be awarded points equaling the number of boats in the series + 1. (This number will change should new boats join the series part way through (increase) or having been entered on the score sheet and didn’t race at all in the series removed (decrease)).

Any competitor required to undertake observer duties (marked OOD on the score sheet) in any race will be scored the average of their race points that day.


The default option in Appendix A, states only one worst score will be excluded from a boat's scored race event or the series. This will apply but not before the 6th race has been completed.

This changes RRS A2.1


Breaking of ties in a race, other than at the finishing line when RRS A7 will apply.

When a tie between two or more boats is to be broken, it shall be decided in favour of the boat with the most first places, and when the tie remains, the most second places and so on.

Should the tie still remain it shall be decided in favour of the boat with the best Total score including any discarded scores.

If a tie still remains equal scores shall be awarded.

This changes RRS A8.

Michael Thomas. IOM Sail Captain.

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