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DF65 Racing Results 6-Mar'24

11 skippers arrived at Lakeside hoping that the lack of wind would not last and after the first couple of races it increased enough and they were rewarded with some interesting sailing in sunny spring weather.

Chris mentioned that he had updated the Risk Assessment sheet which is agreed with Lakeside Management and this includes a new clause 11. I attach the new document and please also note that when launching from the jetty, whilst the "Control Measure" is "not more than 2 members on the jetty at one time", this may be relaxed to 3 for DF65s. In addition members should not walk in front of those seated and those walking north should walk behind those walking south.

Following this, Chris set a short 1 lap course to start off with and after 3 heats the remaining 6 were 4/A, Q, 0, O, Q, 0, O/A. Although Jullien launched his yacht he had a failure and wasn't able to start.

After the 9 heats it was close at the top with:

1st - C Wilson (14)

2nd - R Dyer (14)

3rd - J Bennett (17)

(Chris winning as he had more 1st places)

Well done to all for an enjoyable morning's sail.

Best wishes,


risk assesment - 05 03 24
Download PDF • 40KB

Racing Results 6-Mar'24
Download PDF • 124KB

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