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DF65 Results 20-Mar'24

10 sailors arrived at Lakeside hoping that the wind would pick up. It did slightly and blew from a mainly Easterly direction for long enough for 7 heats to be raced. The initial course was 1 lap B/R, P, 0, B/R, but that was extended to 2 laps for the second race and subsequently 8 was added in to the second lap between 0 and P. There were some strung out races and others with tight finishes. One had three boats drifting backwards within 2 yards of the finish. Owing to some anomalies with the recorded scores places had to be checked but are now regarded as final.

Those on the podium:

1st - C Wilson (11)

2nd - J Richardson (11)

3rd - J Bennett (17)

Thanks to all for a great morning's sail.

Best wishes,


Racing Results 20-Mar'24
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