DF65 Results 29 June 2022

Many thanks to Julyan for providing the score sheet and description of today's racing.

For the final race of the May-June series there was a steady breeze backing to the South, which was at the top of the "A" rig conditions. Many "catch-ups" occured particularly when boats ahead went into irons. Overall really good sailing on a course 0/1,5,OW,OR,1,5,OW,OR,1,4/8.

Well done to the day's podium: J Richardson(43), I White(28) and M Clayton(03), to the series podium: J Richardson(43), J Bennett(002), C Wilson(06) and to all who competed.

If you couldn't join us for this series I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,

Bruce (with help from Julyan)

DF65 Results 29-Jun-22
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Many thanks to Julyan and John for providing the score sheet and commentary. A blustery breeze through the morning with a few calm spells. 8 jolly sailors stood the course of a flat triangle followed