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DF65 Results 29 Mar'23

12 competitors braved the early mist and light rain to compete in the 5th round of the Mar-Apr series. With a freshening S breeze a longer than normal course was set 0/2, 7, R, 0, 7, R, 0, Y/4. Initially 1 was included after 0 on the first lap, but was removed to shorten the course and the initial finish was left hand side of the pier and 4, which was changed to Y/4.

There was some brisk sailing, particularly towards the end and the long beats gave plenty of opportunity for different strategies to be tried.

9 heats were raced and those who got it right more often than not were:

1st - R Dyer (25)

2nd - J Bennett (002)

3rd - J Richardson (43)

Congratulation to them and all who attended and made for an enjoyable morning's racing.

Best wishes,


DF65 Racing Results 29-Mar-23
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