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DF95 - Sunday 9th May2021

Updated: May 11, 2021

DF95 Sunday 9th May 2021

Ten sailors today in a dry southerly wind had a nice morning sailing two laps of a triangular course O-1,5,R,O,4,R,O,1,5-R . A good mix of beating, reaching and running with a dose of luck with puffs of wind and wind-shifts was the order of the day. It was quite easy to be overtaken on any part of the course due to shifts and the final beat proved problematic for some as it was so easy to make a bad tack and end up with others passing by. A couple, maybe three yachts hung themselves on a buoy and were rescued by Superman (well John Arrow actually) with his electric boat, thanks John. We had another new face today, Alan Knight, welcome Alan !

With 9 heats we get 2 discards and the following close result:

1st John Bennett 15, 2nd John Tufnall 15, 3rd Colin Salter 15.5, 4th Chris Wilson 18.5, 5th John Arrow 29, 6th Maurice Clayton 38, 7th Phil Udall 39, 8th David Redfern 46, 9th John Barker 59, 10th Alan Knight 64. Well done JohnB !

Note: The scorer has checked the rules about scoring when a “tie” happens on the finish line (Colin Salter/Chris Wilson in this case) and the placings are added and divided by 2, and each “tied boat” receives that score.

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