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IOM 14th April Race 7

Steady precipitation along with a decent breeze for racing. Nine races with eight competitors sailed course 'A', plus its additional wing mark after Yellow (Y) being White/ Zero (WZ). The boats went round the race marks to Port (P) or Starboard (S) thus:- Start 3/ OR - Y(P) - WZ - 3 - 7 - OB - 4(S) - Y(P) - WZ - 3 - 7 - Fin' 4/ OR.

*( "The finish line marks should be understood to be marks of the course, so Rule 18 applies: e.g. overlap rule at the mark and port/ starboard tacks etc" - ed )*.

Local wind-shifts, lulls and gusts made for some interesting situations, especially between boats at close quarters. Nine races were enjoyed by all, with appropriate penalty turns taken, as always in good humour.

Firsts places: 3 each to #'s 80 and 63, 2 to #169, and 1 to Chris W's all new , light blue #06.

A virtual wing-dip to the three at the top:- 1st Place - #63 RD, 2nd - #80 JB, 3rd - #85 TR.

IOM_14th April_Race 7
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