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IOM 16th June '23 Race 7

Several races had been scored by the time we reached course 'D' - to make something of the almost 90 degree veering in the wind direction. In brief:-

Start 5/8 - Y - BO - 5 - OR - 7 - OB - Y - 5 - OR - 7 - OB - Fin' BO / Y

( Yellow - Big/Orange - Orange/Red - Orange/Black )

A sea breeze had kicked in by 1100, and time to compare rig notes and boats over refreshments. The windward leg from #5 to OR lent the approaching fleet an interesting perspective as they advanced towards the near shore and leave the buoy to starboard

(side that is! - ed ). After some close racing between a mixture of yacht designs:

2 Triple Crowns, a Vickers 9, an Alternative, a Widget and a CW Mk III;

Today's Top three are......: 1st Place - #06 CW, 2nd - #16 JR, 3rd - 03 RH.

IOM 16th June Race 7
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