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IOM 22nd December Race 7

Six competitors made it to the start line today. After two races, course 'A' was expanded to:- Start 8/OR - 3 - RB(7) - OB(W) - 3 - RB(7) - OB(W) - Fin' 4/OR.

Five races took the fleet up to an early comfort break. Then things really started to happen: mince pies were handed out, one rig received a proper setting up; another rig experienced a dressing down; #16's main winch-line gave way in Race 8, just before gybing at the leeward mark, managing an orderly reach to the jetty.


Fast and close racing lent an edge of excitement to what can only be described as an eventful morning.

Top Trio on Points:- 1st Place - #63(Wg) RD; 2nd - #53  JS; 3rd - #16 JR

IOM_22nd December_Race 7
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