IOM Results 24.9.21

Dear EDMBC sailors

We were joined today by Ian White who has obtained from Maurice one of Chris Wilson's early build IOM's based on a Triple Crown design. Welcome Ian. We now have 17 IOM sailors active in this series.

Today was almost the perfect Autumn day, a bit chilly to start but the sun shone all day although the forecast wind direction, East what I read, West what J B read was actually predominantly South but very variable which made setting a course quite difficult.

Very light wind to start and some congestion at the first mark but it did increase so there was no need to change the original triangular course.

Podium positions today 1st the ever consistent John Bennett, 2nd Colin Salter, 3rd Michael Thomas. Thanks everyone for making the racing very competitive today.

I am going to clarify Rule 18.2 (d). This rule states what should happen in the event that there is a dispute about whether an overlap existed when the first boat entered the zone of a mark (4 boat lengths) and I quote from the rule book.

"If there is reasonable doubt that a boat obtained an overlap in time, it shall be presumed that she did not".

This dispels the myth that it works the opposite way round.

I appreciate it is sometimes difficult to see, especially when sailing to a mark directly opposite the bank from a previous mark in line BUT, if there is any doubt about whether an overlap was obtained err on the side of caution and presume you do not have one.

Results below. Michael.

IOM Race results 24.9
Download PDF • 170KB

IOM Leaderbard 24.9
Download PDF • 134KB

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