IOM_29th April_Race 9

Eleven stalwart skippers faced the North wind, for this last race session of the series.

Thank you to all who have contributed in some wave, shape or form, notably Chris who consistently welcomes support in setting up courses and for keeping the equipment ship-shape. Throughout the racing, the fleet was well-grouped. Fair few turns were quietly executed. A tricky little course:- Start 6/y-0-3-5-6-y-5-0-3-5-6- Fin' 3/Or.

Top players today? - 1st Place on wins JB #80, 2nd - #15's RD, 3rd - CS and #30, which also took time out on the outer limit mark for one race.

The Leaderboard honours? 1st overall - JB #8, 2nd Place - RD #15, 3rd Place SB #73.

IOM_April 29th_Race 09_Final
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