DF65 20 April'22

The sun shone for most of the time and the wind was a pleasant NE breeze which was enough to enable 9 races. The course was basically two triangles start: 7/O-B, Y, 5, 7, O-R, Y, 5, 7, O-R, finish 5/8.

12 sailors competed with C Salter(362), R Dyer (94) and John Bennett (002) taking the top 3 places.

Apr_20 Results
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A light and variable wind restricted racing to 7 heats, and Chris set with a course of Y/W,4,8,Y,W,4,8,Y,W,0/3, with one of the large yellow buoys, which was in the middle of the lake (affectionately

A chilly morning with a NE breeze was warmed by 15 sailors and some spirited racing. 9 heats were run starting 6/Y then 4,5,7,O-B,O-Y,4,5,7,O-B finish 4/O-Y. Today's podium was C Salter(362), J Bennet

A warm fine morning with a gentle S breeze which backed and picked up a little as the morning wore on. Chris set a course starting at Orange/0, then 8, Y, Or, 0, 8, Y, Or, 0 finishing 4/O-B. After th