DF65 - Wednesday 21st April 2021

Hallo Team,

Please see below a copy of the morning's updated Sailwave Results for your convenient perusal. Nine rapidly sailed heats over race officer's selected course, from a west-of-pier-view start line, taking in windward beats up to pale orange buoy (D-Or) then #8 to race mark #uno for 2nd time around. After rounding the windward mark, points of sailing included either fetching, reaching, or running out to #4 and back over to #8 mark, with a final, at times tricky beat up to finish line: D-Or/#1. Competitor etiquette translated into conscientious on-course marshalling. Close racing at a safe distance, both on, and off the water. Top of the morning rippling catspaws may go to today's top three: 1st Place: JohnB at the helm of #02; 2nd Place - Chris W with his #06; and 3rd Place - Colin S with #162.

Cheers - Julyan Richardson

DF65_April 21st_Race 3
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