DF65 - Wednesday 7th April

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Hallo Chaps, Here are the results of today's round of heats. This current scorer may count this morning's event as the first race of what may be a two or four month series? Another diligent course from the race officer's quiver. Legend: F/O = faded/orange; O/R = orange/red; O/B = orange/black. Port roundings. Course was refined to: F/O and 1 start - 4 - O/B - O/R - 2 - O/B - O/R - finish F/O and 1. Wind mainly NW 4 - 10 knots with local variations. Two tricky windward beats spring to mind up to 4 and 2 respectively. Apart from the absorbing weather conditions, close quarters racing gave the eleven competitors plenty to do over the nine recorded heats. A squall of rippled swash and buckle to 1st Place: JB's 002; 2nd -JR's 43; CW's 06; and to the fleet, close on their transoms. Cheers - Julyan Richardson

DF65_April 7th_Race 1
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By John arrow

There were some exciting moments to photograph, yesterday, including 'picturesque' bumps and dives. The racing was exciting, and fun to watch during my breaks. It was great to see (94) getting firmly in the groove on his second only time on the water, with (142) and (35) not far behind.

Anyway here is a large selection of of photos. This is all trial and error, for me, to see how well the blog works with photos - hopefully I will not overload it. Bear with me, as I am finding my way around, and it will usually take me a while to edit and process the photos, if they are to be of good enough quality. If you every want a photo of you and your boat, or of your boat on the water, I will oblige - no problem. In due course, and for those of you who have no objection (privacy issues?), I will be preparing a 'library' of 'Members and their Boats'.

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