DF95 - Sunday 11th April

Ten sailors today with some bright new faces, for the first day’s DF95 racing for the March – June Bob Philpot Shield series. The wind was somewhere between NE and NW, often swinging just as the countdown got to zero, causing some problems on the start line. The course was two triangular laps 5-0, 1, 4, 7, 1, 4, 7, 4 – R which gave some good beats and some fast (at times) runs. Flukey winds were responsible for some challenging sailing at times and as usual we had a few cases of “getting into irons” and literally backing down the fleet ! One start line incident resulted in a re-start as two innocent boats got intertwined but the morning was good humoured with penalties being completed as required.

With 9 races in the bag we get 2 discards and the following result:-

1st Chris Wilson 11, 2nd John Bennett 13, 3rd John Tufnall 16, 4th Colin Salter 27, 5th Maurice Clayton 30, 6th Phil Udall 39, 7th John Arrow 40, 8th Stuart Harper 54, 9th Ian Davies 59, 10th John Barker 77.

Well done to Chris Wilson ! - John Bennett

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