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IOM Race 4, 22nd July'22.

Eight competitors sailed eight races, two discards, so six to count.

The windward end proved to be a favourite place on the start line, a few preferred the clearer breeze to leeward, sometimes it offerred an advantage at the first race mark,

(Orange and black 1/4'd). Course 'C' developed into something of a rally track to reduce cross-fleet traffic:-

Start 5/8 - OB - 0 or Zero - 4(stbd) - 7 - 8 - 4 - OrR(ed) - 5 - 7 - Fin' 4/OR.

This virtual flap of geese could go to today's top three, who are...............

1st Place - JB #80; 2nd - #30 and CS; 3rd - RD #15.

IOM July 22nd_Race 04
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