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IOM Racing July 15th

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Although the sea breeze came in a bit later than anticipated, the five competitors

whose boats stood the course(s), latterly course 'B', stayed to make the most of

the available breeze in the alotted time frame. Course 'B' being like 'A' but without

#3 and #5 marks. MC placed buoy 'OW' off the pier for a finish line with #4.

Hence 'B' being Start 5/8-2x(Zero-4-7)-Fin'4/OW. Good to have one of TR's "Adriatics"

take part on this occasion, and for the extra mile or three to for transmitter retrieval and getting back in time for the third race. Thanks to IW, the rescue-canoe launched to free #59 from the clutches of #8 mark, and thence to separate #16 from #99 following a remote, but failed rescue endeavour.

To reflect to the summery, variable series turnouts, leaderboard scoring has been revised, edited, customised to replace "DNC" - 'did not compete' and related series score with a 'per race event fleet total + 1'.

On count-back re: Appendix 8.1, today's temperate trio =

1st Place - #16/ JR; 2nd - #169/ MC; 3rd - #59/ IW.

IOM July 15th_Race 03
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