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IOM 22nd March Race 4

Six stalwart skippers braved a cool Nor'westerly. After a short race which lacked a beat, two windward legs to #'s 3 and 1 were inserted into the course:-

                    Start W/OB - 4-7-OB-3-7-OB-1 - Fin' 4/OR

DS' #07 made a good recovery after a sheet winch issue. The fleet groupings became tighter as the wind got up. Clawing northwards off the near, lee shore tended to focus the mind, as did both the widward stretches to marks 3 and 1. The first boat to round mark #1 needed a good lead to stay ahead to the finish.

Well done all: for there was ne'er a tangle or a rescue required, discounting the odd push or from beach or the jetty.

  Top trio on points:- 1st Place #03 R Hobbs; 2nd - #06 CW; 3rd - #53 JS.

IOM_22nd March_Race 4
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