IOM - Friday 30th April 2021

Today was the final round of heats in a shortened series as there was no racing in March due to the Corona Virus Lockdown.

Ten competitors in an Easterly, backing Northerly breeze which was perhaps stronger than forecast. All encountered the normal Lakeside fluky conditions which meant you would sometimes be sailing downwind and beating on the same leg with the inevitable calm spots which could result in massive positional advantages or disadvantages. New member Rob Dyer sailed today with his new to him MX14 and had some creditable results.

There was quite a bit of congestion at some marks as the fleet were quite closely matched.

Ten heats sailed = 2 discards. The heat results can be found below. Colin took the podium, J B in second place and Michael in Third.

The leader board for the series shows 5 races sailed so just one discard. Overall podium positions for the series. 1st John Bennett, 2nd Michael Thomas, 3rd Chris Wilson who tied with Robert Hobbs on points but took third on countback results. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Sunday is Marblehead’s with a special visitor, John Taylor of Taylormade Yachts joining us for the morning. Looks like it may be drift conditions as high pressure is forecast to be sitting on top of us!

Sail fast, race fair. Michael Thomas

Sailwave heat results for 30.4.21 IOM
Download PD • 128KB

Sailwave results for 2021 IOM series at
Download • 117KB

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